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Have you heard about the doggy-bag?
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The Ronda and Brick ranges: a clever blend of practicality, charm and durability

Opt for elegant, responsible dressing

Discover our cardboard packaging

Responsible sides

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Bowls and lids are consciously made from recycled materials
  • Or from FSC™ certified renewable materials
  • They can be used in closed circuits, recycled or composted
  • Pratique_Viking


  • Both ranges come in packaging of all shapes and sizes
  • Plates, cups, soup bowls, lunch boxes and bowls are all stackable to provide optimum storage space
  • Stackable for optimum storage space
  • Resistant to grease and water, they can be microwaved
  • Suitable for both hot and cold dishes
  • Esthetique_Ronda

    Aesthetic details

  • Soft, uncluttered shapes combined with light, natural
  • Light, natural colours create a successful combination and a unique look
  • Spontaneously harmonise with your interior decor, whether it's bright, minimalist or refined
  • Shimmering, minimalist or refined
  • The boxes can be personalised to increase your visibility and reinforce your image