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Duni Dispenser.png

The BioPak Dine egg cup1/3

89 x 21 mm, made from renewable materials, certified compostable

Because the boiled egg will stop delighting your guests when the chickens have teeth. Made from a renewable material, sugar cane fibre, it is compostable and meets the new environmental requirements of your customers. Compact and stackable, it is as practical as it is attractive.

The Duni bamboo towel dispenser2/3

design, space-saving, flexible and practical bamboo

To avoid waste of towels. Breakfast service is only effective with a functional and space-saving towel dispenser. Our dispenser is made of bamboo, a renewable and naturally resistant material. It is ideal for stylish decoration and can be placed on a table, bar or buffet. It is available for various napkin sizes.

The essential Duni placemat3/3

30x40 or 40x60 cm, paper or non-woven, plain or decorated

For a hygienic and elegant set-up, the placemat is perfect for setting your table quickly. Paper or non-woven, plain or patterned, make your choice from the Duni collection to set the pace of your breakfast. Don't hesitate to opt for a personalised version with your logo or visual.
Dunicel Placemat.png
Bio Dunisoft.png
Ronda Brick.png
Cutlery kit.png

Dunicel® Placemat1/4

30 x 40 cm or 40 x 60 cm, wide range of designs and colours, hygienic, practical, economical and easy to dress

The essential element in the hotel industry. The individual set protects and brightens up a table in the dining room or on the terrace. It has many advantages: it reduces the noise level and is a hygienic and economical solution for welcoming your customers. Available in various sizes and colours, it blends in perfectly with your layout and is quick to install. And it can even be personalised with your logo or visual. A good way to reinforce your brand image.

Bio Dunisoft® Napkins2/4

40 x 40 cm, many solid colours, made of non-fossil and renewable materials, soft and durable, compostable

The compostable that goes on the table. Our napkins are going sustainable thanks to Dunisoft® organic non-woven napkins. Made of non-fossil materials, they are truly compostable. Their professional quality, exceptional softness and vibrant colours will enhance your décor.

Brick and Ronda Boxes3/4

Various sizes and shapes, made from renewable, FSC™ certified and compostable materials, biobased lamination, very easy stacking, high water and grease resistance

For room service or take-away. Available in various shapes and sizes, our bowls are made from renewable and compostable materials. Ready to hold any hot or cold dish in style, they are both durable and stylish. The boxes come with opaque or transparent lids.

The BioPak wooden cutlery and napkin kit4/4

various configurations possible, cutlery made from FSC™ certified birch wood and coated with vegan carnauba wax

The must-have for an eco-friendly outdoor lunch. An excellent alternative to plastic, our cutlery sets are simple and practical. The set consists of a knife, a fork, a spoon and a napkin. On a table corner or at a picnic, they are the best allies for a protected environment and a hygienic service. Many combinations are available in our catalogue.
Vending Cup.png

Dunilin® Napkins1/4

40 x 40, 48 x 48 and 40 x 60 cm, many solid colours, made of renewable materials, soft and durable, compostable

For a chic and ecological dinner. Textile look and great softness, perfectly absorbent and ultra-resistant, they are available in many colours and patterns and give life to your set-up. Compostable in an industrial environment, they are in line with our times and meet the intention of preserving the environment without compromising the standing.


Various sizes and designs, ecological, qualitative, practical and safe lamps. Multicoloured, dimmable or with flickering flame effect

A bright idea to complete your decor. A very smart alternative to candles: our LED lamps are energy-saving and professionally designed. They combine safety, practicality and aesthetics. The light they give off creates a unique, warm atmosphere and adds a decorative touch to your terrace or interior. With just one click on the remote control, you can choose the colour and intensity.

The Evolin® round tablecloth3/4

Ø 240 cm, various colours, pleasant feel, elegant drape

A safe bet for dressing up your tables. With its elegant drape and delicate touch, it adds another dimension to your table setting. Its installation offers a neat finish and brings more comfort to your customers. You have a choice of different shades that you can play with to create a restaurant atmosphere. It is the ideal tool for festive banquets and special occasions.

BioPak Vending Cup4/4

21 cl, individually packaged, made from FSC™ certified renewable materials, bio-based lamination

For the bathroom Made from renewable materials, our individually packed Vending cups are durable, hygienic and ultra-convenient. Our glasses are the best choice for the bathroom and self-service.

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